An Introduction

Come dance in my storm…

Curvy high-class busty redhead escort, reclining in lingerie

Aesthetics. I’m English, well spoken, well educated, and well mannered. Often described as sexy but cute, I generally wear red lipstick, have green eyes that sparkle with about half of the mischief I’m about to cause, and red, wavy, messy, come-to-bed hair. For those of you who like stats, I stand at 5’3″ and am a size 16/18. I hope you enjoy my curves. Most people do. My bum is rather wonderfully round, perfect for admiring as I sashay across a room, or from behind. Also, large 36H boobs that bounce rather gloriously. Take a peek…


Curvy red haired cardiff escort with big boobs.


Personality & Quirks. Flame-haired and fiery by nature, passionate in all that I do. I like the wild and the weird, the true and the free. You know they say there are girls you dream about; they sweep into your life and turn up the volume on everything? Pixies infused with a manic, sensual energy. That’s me. I’m a holiday from reality, in the best possible way. I’ll light you up like a flash of sunlight on an autumn day. You’re going to want to freeze every moment, but that’s not how dreams go. If you like the memory you’re welcome back, though.

I’m naturally friendly, flirtatious and outgoing, and genuinely very good at putting people at ease. Also really rather laid back, and easy to talk to – less easy to stop thinking about, though. Oh, and have it on good authority that I’m really quite funny. Also, humble. And cool.