Q. Can I see you ASAP/right now? Sometimes, I’m able to accept same-day bookings. I’m more inclined to do so for repeat clients, and for people who provide me with the appropriate information in their initial communication. Basically, send me a message and see. God loves a trier, even if said trier is sinful. Check my availability for in-calls here.

Q. Will you do bareback? No. Ask, and you’ll be blacklisted.

Q. What is your screening process? For new clients, I require a combination of things, like ID, references from other companions, telephone number, LinkedIn, or similar. Not all of the above, but safety comes first (shortly followed by discretion), and for us to fully enjoy our time together I need to feel comfortable and happy to be in your company.

Q. Do you travel? With notice, absolutely. Please enquire when you contact me, and we’ll figure out the logistics.

Q. Can I take you out for dinner, or to an event? Absolutely! I scrub up rather well, and am apparently quite charming company. I’m pretty sure I’d look good on your arm. Shall we see?

Q. Do you drink/take drugs with clients? I’d love to share a bottle of wine with you, or go to fancy gin bar, but drugs, no. Please don’t turn up for a date off your tits, it’s not a good look.

Q. I’ve never booked a provider before/am inexperienced. Can I see you? You certainly can, just make sure you let me know it’s your first time, and give this a read.

Q. Do you take your sexual health seriously? Yes, and you should too. I have all the available vaccinations and frequently get tested.

Q. Can I bring you a gift? Gifts are by no means expected, but that’s tremendously kind! Gift vouchers for playful promises always go down a treat. I’m a vinyl obsessive (records, not clothes, although I am partial to wet-look) and a consumer of artisan tea. Simple pleasures!

Q. “You available?” Not if that’s your opening line, no.* Manners take moments and cost nothing. Read my profile, introduce yourself.
*Same applies to “You free now?” “When are you free?” etc. Just don’t be rude.

Q. Will you do XYZ? I enjoy and engage in a variety of things, and cater to many fetishes, kinks and pleasures. I don’t think I’ll spell them out for you in an Urban Dictionary-esque list, I’d rather discuss it it private. Rest assured, I’m really rather filthy and open-minded. My enjoyments mostly point in the direction of submission and humiliation. That thing that popped into your head just now? Yep. That other thing? Almost certainly. It is important to note that various acts are ALWAYS at my discretion, and that ongoing mutual consent from both parties is hella important.

Q. Are you discreet? Of course! Discretion is as important to me as it is to you; it’s one of the reasons you won’t see my face online, and use an encrypted email service to ensure both of us have privacy. I have nothing to gain by being indiscreet. I will ask you for as little information as I can to make sure I’m safe and comfortable with you. Please don’t be weird or difficult about my screening process, it’ll lead lead to me not trusting you enough to be alone with you. I hope that you can see from my reviews and my twitter that I am indeed a real, trustworthy person.

Q. Do you ask for a deposit? Sometimes, dependent on location, length of booking, feedback etc. I’m flexible regarding payment method, so we can discuss what’s most discreet and convenient if needs be.