Kink & Submission

curvy escort with red hair on knees, wearing a thong and fishnets


Submission is my speciality, and the sub/dom dynamic is what I enjoy most. Despite being an assertive character in general, I’m naturally very sexually submissive, and enjoy being told what to do. It’s not an act, or an elaborate role-play, I simply like being a Good Girl. Oh, and I can (and do) take quite the spanking…

You can learn more about the things I take most pleasure in by reading my blog.(coming soon)

kinky submissive bbw escort restrained on bedrope bondage on big boobs

Please contact me to enquire about specific services, as boundaries need to be clearly established before we meet. There are a few things that I don’t indulge in until we’ve met a few times, because elements of BDSM require a bit more trust.

If you have no experience of being particularly dominant, but it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, please let me know so I can guide you.

Note, I do not switch, so please don’t ask me to dominate you. Yes, it would be hilarious, but also crap, because it wouldn’t be genuine.

Something less kinky?